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Set of 3 Verdigris Ornate Pot Stands

Set of 3 Verdigris Ornate Pot Stands


Our set of 3 pot stands are a must have for plant lovers! Featuring intricate metal work and curved legs, finished in a beautiful ‘verdigris’ colour - green with hints of brown.

Theyre made from galvanised metal and powder coated meaning they’re suitable for outdoor use, but would also look amazing in a bedroom/living room etc.. full of your favourite houseplants. 

They can also double as a set of 3 side / occasional tables to go with your bistro set outdoors or inside a conservatory.

The legs undo from the top with 4 bolts, and the legs fold flat making them very easy and compact to tidy away.


Large :

Height - 68cm

Width of top - 42cm

Width of legs - 50cm


Height - 56cm

Width of top - 36cm

Width of legs - 46cm

Small :

Height - 46cm

Width of top - 30cm

Width of legs - 41cm

Please Note - We use 100% recycled packaging

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