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Ancient Ruins Plinth - Grey

Ancient Ruins Plinth - Grey


A beautifully detailed, unique but also practical piece for your garden or home!


This plinth is so authentically vintage looking and suitably aged, it really looks a though it has been salvaged from a grand period home.


Can be used as an 'feature piece' on its own, or used as plinth to display your favourite potted plant, or classic garden ornament. 


 The detail is second to none, it even has 'faux' moss metal which really adds to the antique feel of the piece.


It is made of MGO, which is a new material that many items for the garden is being made of these days. It weighs 4kg, so while its not heavy stone that would probably double the price, it is a very substantial, well made item. 


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the rustic nature of these planters, not all are finished the same so may vary in appearance. We think this adds to the natural, 'antique' style charm of them!



Height - 32.5cm

Width - 36cm

Depth - 26cm


PLEASE NOTE: All our packaging is 100% recycled.

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