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Shutter Window Style Garden Mirror Ironwork Front

Shutter Window Style Garden Mirror Ironwork Front


A really beautiful garden mirror.


It’s made to look like a window/shutter, and finished with extremely pretty ironwork frontage.


Mirrors in a garden can often make a smaller space seem larger, using the play of light and trick the eye. They can also make it seem as though there is a secret garden, through whatever fence panel/brick wall you place it on.


It’s made from galvanised metal, and an outdoor suitable backing, meaning it’s fully suitable for the garden all year round.


It has two hanging loops on the back to attach it to your desired space.


Even though this is a garden mirror, it looks equally beautiful inside too... we are thinking hallways, bathrooms etc.


PLEASE NOTE: Shutters don’t actually open, the clasp is just for effect.



Height - 76cm

Width - 43cm

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